A R C H I T E C T S      F Z C


P        A        U        L




Matthes Langhinrichs, Alexandra Idziak, Thorsten Hargarten,

The urbanistic approach of our concept shows on the one hand a formation of a representative town hall square at the end of the ‘Kölner Straße’ and on the other hand we intend to create a municipal park, which acts as a successful conclusion at the north side because of its precise shape. This is also supported by the pond and the three inside placed structures.

The town hall, the Dynamit-Nousville-Building, which is located in the East, and the emerging guild hall curtail the town hall square and cause a concise form by this composition.

The development north of the park gives the town hall square a spatial definition and protects it from the adjacent industries. The office space is in our concept predominantly located in the east of the former ‘Kaiserstraße’ faced to the park. In the North are either more office spaces or independent businesses.

The ‘Kaiserstraße’ is closed in the range of the town hall square and the traffic is redirected in the east and in the west of the park. The area in the north opens up especially to the traffic based on the businesses. The result is an optimal centralization of the botanical zone. This concept also allows a gentle exposure to the tree population, which is predominantly worth to be preserved.

Parking cars are located in a separate building in the east of the area. An underground car park, which reaches from the guild hall to our eastern building, is advantageous. The car park is opened up by the square and is accessible for all affected buildings. The gateways are arranged on the contrary in the east and the west of the area.

The emerging guild hall is also accessible by the central square.

The building is characterized by a shed roof, which is echeloned starting at the border of the square going to the depth of the building. The building envelope contains a central hall, which is surrounded by small individual structures acting as rooms with multifunction. The building envelope is blended in the axis of the park. In this way a rotation of the floor plan can be achieved based on the diagonal of the square and the connection of the hall, the fairground and the pond.

Therefore is an individual utilisation of the building possible.

The hall can be either used as one singular room for large events or if required as two separate rooms for smaller events. In case of a parallel occupancy, there won’t be any mutual disturbance.

At exceptionally large festivities, such as markets, concerts or other events, the whole building can be arranged and many different atmospheres can be evoked.

The stage of the great hall is so orientated that it either can be part of the hall or of the park. It’s opened up in direction to the park and allows open air events when the back wall of the stage is closed. The technical sources are also given in this place. The adjustment of this stage and the location of the adjacent fairground allow an extensive screen of this area to the residential zone, so that a minimisation of the disturbance can be expected by the residents.