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P        A        U        L


Penthaus Rodenkirchen



The plot is located close to the center of Rodenkirchen, which is a distinguished residential area in Cologne. The connections to the highway (‘Kreuz Süd’), the public transportation (train-station Rodenkirchen connecting to the downtown of Cologne and Bonn) and the local recreation area (botanical garden and ‘Rheinbogen’) are optimal.

The area is characterised by two- and three-storey buildings in the ‘Friedrich-Ebert-Straße’ as well as four- to six-storey buildings in the ‘Konrad-Adenauer-Straße’ and in the area adjacent in the north of the plot.

We suggest a compact living area with an exacting identity factor.

The development takes place from the west as well as from the South out of the city center Rodenkirchen. Public spaces respectively semi-public places are formed at the inside. The buildings, which form these places, echelon in the height of four to six storeys.

The result in this homogeneous basic structure is a certain decongestion of the complex.

The character of the complex is affected by the differentiation and the structure of the brick facade.

Areas, which emerge from the echelon, can be offered as private outside sections for the upper apartments. The lower accommodation units receive private backyards, which are averted from the public places.

The required parking spaces are located in an underground car park